Kamis, 13 Maret 2014

Green Rain


Sebenarnya ini judul lagu yang dinyanyiin Shinee buat original soundtrack salah satu K-drama tentang kisah guru 'killer' di suatu sekolah gitu. Aku share disini karena kalau dimaknai dengan seksama, artinya keren  >.< 

When I open my eyes to the sound of the clock 
It feels new but the day is the same
So I headed to the same place that I go every day without thinking

But over there is a place I haven’t yet gone 
It’s so big and high that 
I never even thought of it 
But I want to climb over that wall

I want to hide my slightly nervous heart 
And I want to firmly hold your hand and run 
We become fresher in the pouring green rain 
I used to be like a child, 
used to be immature
But the reason I grew up is because of your eyes that believed in me, 
your one smile 
That was enough for me

The wind tells me that the world is rough 
But if things stay like this, 
I think it will be alright

There are questions overflowing in my head 
Who can answer me?
I wait endlessly
But I’m the one who has to search for those answers

When the path we take is wrong or maybe blocked
And we stop in place, 
what should we do? And when we pass that path,
what kind of face will we have at that moment?

Pendapat pribadiku aja sih yang mengatakan kalau arti lagu ini keren >.<
Hehe. Just enjoy it and hope you all can learn something :D v 

O ya, fyi, pas nyari tentang apa itu arti green rain, di India, ini jadi salah satu tanda kalo terjadi polusi. Hehe. Entah secara scientific itu benar atau gak, aku belum nyari sumbernya lebih lanjut :D v

credit to: kimchihana, pop!gasa,,

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