Jumat, 13 September 2013

High fly

When I’ve a dream, it’s always the same dream,
I’m getting used to it
When it’s the right answer, I believed it and live
Just like watching re-runs on TV
Like recorded tape
Everything is resembled one color

*(Why why) why do I always want the same answer?
(Why why) why do you keep telling me to live the same life

**High high fly up high; high high look around the world
The thing that I saw
It’s not the entire world
High high, jump high and run; high high, run to the world
What I’ve spent,
That time, It’s just one point in the long life

A car is square, 
The banana is yellow
Always in the same view
Every men wear pants,
Women wear skirts,
Doing it all the time, according to the formula,

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What’s the rush,
What is so hard?
According to the set schedule, everyone lives

I wanna fly fly, let’s fly freely; fly fly, fly powerfully
What you’ve been hiding
Your very own dreams, try to open them up
Fly fly, let’s fly above the sky; fly fly, let’s fly higher
Don’t whisper it
Let’s shout out our dreams.

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Ini lagu yang dinyanyiin sama 'lovely' Kang Min Hyuk sama 'burning' Lee Jong Hyun nya CN Blue. OST film mereka sih, judulnya Acoustic, tapi, belum nonton, hehe. Keren deh lagunya :D eh, mereka berduanya juga keren sih ^_^


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