Senin, 25 Juli 2016

After Star Trek Beyond

I mean, after watching Star Trek Beyond ...
I love the soundtrack (Mr. Giacchino's score), the USS Enterprise crew family bonding, and our heroin Capt. James T.
Since the beginning of the film I've been excited about Starfleet's 5-year mission for Enterprise. Getting more excited because Capt. Kirk disoriented about their mission.
Until an enemy struck the Enterprise into real destruction and finally make Kirk realized that outer space journey is his calling.
Anyway, can not lie, I'm pretty agree with many reviews that stated this third Star Trek series is going to be 'the game over' of the franchise.
I wonder what's missing?
Star Trek become too drama?
A less exciting ending?
But, I also can not lie that I am very happy because Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto already signed the contract for the next Star Trek. Yiey 
Let's wait till the next genius installment back.
And I am going to miss Anton Yelchin very bad  his Pavel Chekov is nailed to the audience, including me.

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