Minggu, 31 Juli 2016

What about don't hold back?

Your throat and your chest will hurt so badly, when you are trying to hold back your tears. So, one of the best moment in my life is at the time when I can cry alone and cry loudly.
Without no one bother asking reason why I am crying. Because why should you ask? Crying without reason is something that should be understandable. Even if it is not so unreasonable.
Take it, when someone said to back off because he/she do not want you to know the reason behind his/her tears.
Just take it. Because you should not push people. That's violate the human right. But, what is it about the human right when you have the highest right? Allah's rule.
Maybe some people think that they should push people for good (because Allah's rule) or because he/she is not in the right mind so they think that they should put him/her back to track. So, screw the back off part, and what? Will it be all alright?

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